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Backyard Water Problems – French Drain Installation – Do it yourself french drain

The owner called, said he had problems with his back yard, water. Her children could not come here and play. They end up getting all wet, go into the mud. So we designed a French drain system.

The lots behind the street that we work are much higher. So they take their water, which is common -to take water from your neighbors. Whether on this site or if it is behind your lot.

Now the reason I’m doing this video, someone else had already put in a French drain. Unfortunately, they do not use the stone – very little. We will cut this pipe because it does nothing. They wrapped a tissue around it and poured a small pea stone on it. We met in two places did not even know he was here. It is again, just a small pea stone around a pipe.

This is actually the wrong fabric anyway, wrapped around it. Just completely failed the installation, to be honest from day one. You must remove the dirt more. You have to add a lot of stone. We use a 6A, and it is a racing rock. We will remove much of topsoil. Dump loads of truck and heavy clay fill all with drainage stones. More stone, over the drain. It’s so simple.

Now we run parallel drains in this court the reason for it. A French drain will absorb water from 3 ‘side of each of the drain. We are 3 ‘of the retaining wall and measured between trenches, and we will dry the court with two pipes.

This gravity system, we should not make a pump system. We fall, that’s what is excellent. We will gravity feed this right to the street. And we will bury some spouts down. And we’ll just put it in pop-ups since we do not want to tie them into the French drain. We want this to be a content system. We do not wish to pebble gravel in it, and we do not want the leaves in it. And this trench will continue into this basin. There is a 18-inch drop, I mean we have enough slope, we will be able to capture and drain all the water from here.