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Calculating the Cost of a French Drain

Calculating the cost of a french drain depends on the quality of the french drain system that you want. You will need a quality french drain pipe, there are a lot of different perforated corrugated pipes on the market, however, not all are meant for french drains. You don’t want a pipe with a sock, you want to use a commercial filter fabric to wrap the entire system. Strong fabric is important because you don’t want something that is going to decompose in a few years and let the subsoil and stone mix. This will clog your system and give it an early expiration date.


You will also want to go with a course washed rock to fill in your trench. This ensures that there is no dirt mixed in with the rock. The cost of a french drain system depends on the quality you are looking for. It’s worth it to spend a little more to get a quality system that’s going to last decades.