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French Drain Around an Elevated Patio

We are installing a french drain around an elevated patio. Elevated patios can have various materials used for their base, it depends on who installed it. Many of the materials that are used hold water that takes days to drain out after it rains.

The area around this patio is always wet, it never seems to dry and the homeowner has had enough. They have lived in this house for years with no issues, however, when they put this patio in they have been stuck with this wet situation. We are going to install a french drain around their raised patio.

You can see the excavator here is removing the clay from the clay pan in the area.

The trench we dug is 19 inches deep and 17 inches wide. We are going to line it, get the pipe down and fill it coarse washed rock. This drain is going to move water right to the storm drain in the corner of the yard.