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French Drain Field Installation

We see a lot of incidents like this where there is a development where there is a ridge. In this situation, there is a golf course at the top of the ridge, so all the water runs off the golf course to this area.

Several properties drain through this swale to the storm drain at the end. When this was designed, the number matched up and it should be able to drain out. There is plenty of slope in the area, it’s just hard to get the water through turfgrass.

We are putting in a french drain field because this area is difficult to mow. The french drain field is going to catch the water and move it more effectively so it’s not hanging around and saturating the soil. It will go straight to the storm drain.

We followed the property line and put in a perimeter french drain to catch all the water in that area.

We looked at the numbers to figure out exactly how much water we were looking to control.

We put three french drain stone channels into this field, it’s going to catch all the water in the area.

There is a lot of slope in the area, we did not need to core into the storm drain, we are going to put our catch basin next to the storm drain. This system will move water more efficiently not leaving any time for the water to saturate the soil.