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French Drain with a Sump Pump

We are installing a french drain system as well as a sump pump line. Where our channel for the french drain is used to hold standing water, the sump line that was here used to run to a dry well. This doesn’t work well because, in a clay lot, the dry well will fill up like a tub and eventually overfill and leave the yard with puddles of standing water.


The dry well had a small, half-inch hose running from it. That is too small for what they needed, the homeowners had to rig the system so the water could be pumped out. They were essentially circulating the water throughout the backyard until it collected in the corner of the backyard.


We used a piece 4 inch PVC pipe, schedule 40 to run down to the french drain stone channel. We tied it to a drainage pipe that is going to share the channel with the french drain. The pipes will then go under the fence and walkway to discharge into the ditch.