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Growing Grass on Your French Drain

How do you grow grass on a French Drain is something I get asked a lot. I’ll show you what we do. We have our pipe in, we’ve got all the 6A stone in.

We’re a little further along on the other side of the house; we want to level the stone first.

We put the fabric on the top so that everything is contained; this way the system can not become contaminated.

Okay, now on the other side here. We cut the grass back, leaving about two inches of root on the side. I’ll show you what it looks like when it is finished.

That pop up is on top of the French Drain. Thus any shingle gravel or leaves end up in the grass, not the French drain system.

Same with the downspout, that is just emerging on the top of the French drain; the fabric is around it and sod is placed on top of it. Any pebbles, gravel, leaves, debris that emerges from the roof only ends on the grass, where the lawnmower will mulch it with no issue.