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How Can Trees Affect a French Drain?

This system is quite large, quite complex. The backyard is the highest point on this property, which forces water to flow towards the house. It used to be pitched more to one side and out to the street.


We see changes in elevation a lot with mid-century homes. You can see the trench that we have dug for the curtain drain we are installing around the house. We will run this drain out to the street on either side of the house to bring the water out to the street.


These large trees have lifted the side of the lot, the water was not able to drain out of the lot the way it originally did. Over time the trees have changed the elevation of the lot as a whole.


The homeowner attempted to create a drain system, the tree roots clogged the system. We were able to get through the roots and install a better system that will not be bothered by the tree roots.