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How to Connect a Pop up Emitter to Drain Pipe

I’m going to show you how to connect a pop-up emitter to drainpipe – any drain pipe whether it’s PVC or corrugated.

Connect Pop Up to Thin Wall PVC SDR 35

When you buy a pop up it comes with a fitting and the industry-standard fitting is thin wall PVC. So, if you have thin wall PVC, it’s going to fit just perfect.

Connect Pop Up to Thick Wall PVC SCH 40

If you find your drainpipe doesn’t fit and you have PVC, you probably have thick wall PVC or Schedule 40. In that case, you’re going to want to use a different fitting. We offer one that slides into the thin wall PVC part and then it’ll allow you to glue it on to the thick wall PVC.

Connect Pop Up Emitter to Corrugated Pipe

Now, if you have corrugated pipe, I’m going to give you two options and I’ll tell you why I’m giving you two options. A lot of pop ups you can’t get your hand down in. You can’t get in there and clean, and that’s a bad thing.

So for corrugated pipe, if you happen to have one of those pop ups like that, where you can’t get your hand down in, you’re going to want to use a coupler which we call the cone.

It’s four-inch, thin wall PVC to four inch corrugated. This is going to allow you to make a connection and still be able to pull this apart so that you can then go into clean debris when needed. Again, I think that’s a big inconvenience for the homeowner to have to dig this up and take it apart.

What we recommend is to always use a pop-up that you can get your hand down in. See, the idea is if there’s leaves in this fitting and tree seeds, that it’s super easy to scoop them out. If you go with a pop-up like this, then you can use a forever coupler since you won’t need to take it apart.

The forever coupler goes over the thin wall PVC fitting that all pop-ups come with, and then it allows you to make a connection to the corrugated pipe, and these barbs snap-in, but they do not come out. You will not be able to get this apart. That won’t happen.