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Installation of a French Drain using Laser Transit

I just wanted to talk a bit about a laser transit. How do we use and how important it is when setting a French drain.

This is what makes laser transit to let you pull the elevations of a property. This way, you know how deep your trench must be to drain the water of this problem area to the storm sewer. It could be a gap; it could be a leak whenever the discharge zone is.

Now here we have already dug two trenches. And the water was running out of the basement. He worked really, really well. The slope is perfect. In fact, we’ve probably collected about five inches of water, maybe six.

We left an earth dam here because of there just at the point where the water came from the ground in at a pace where it was hard to remove dirt.

This is, in many, many cases, handmade. We use a slicer. We can not get the width with a slicer. Like six, eight inches, tops. You know, our French drains are always 14 inches.

This will be the principal. He will take the water in the street.