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Installing a French Drain Along a Property Line

French drains are designed to alleviate water problems that occur with certain circumstances. They do not change the circumstances, only help alleviate the problem.


The property on the left has a higher lot than the one that we are installing the french drain in. We are putting the french drain on the property line because there is water coming off of the house into the yard as well as water coming off of the neighbour’s property. The homeowner is unable to use their yard, they haven’t been able to even mow this area for months.


The homeowner reached out to me and said they needed a french drain system. We came out and got started. You can see all the water coming out of the subsoil in the channel we dug. The pipe you see is for their sprinkler system. Water has been bleeding out of this subsoil and running down the channel, this subsoil was saturated.


The french drain is going to help move the water and strengthen the ground. They will be able to use this area of their yard and mow the grass.


The discharge line is going to a water reservoir. We are going to cover the end with stone and put in a critter guard so no animals can get in and call this pipe home.