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Installing a French Drain Around Landscape Features

The yard that we are working in today has a high point in the middle. This was done so the water would run down to the storm drain on the fence line here and to the storm drain on the other side in the neighbour’s yard.


This set up has worked for the past 20 years without any issues. The yard has been dry and the homeowners have not experienced any standing water. However, the neighbour planted some trees to create some more privacy between the two yards. These trees created a dam that has prevented the water from effectively draining out to the storm drain on this side.


We will be putting in a perimeter drain along the fence line. We will have a deep trench in the high point in the yard. The french drain will take the water to the storm drain on this property so the homeowner has control over the water no matter what the neighbour chooses to do.


This video was shot to illuminate the circumstances that made a french drain necessary here. It isn’t the developer’s fault, the builder’s fault, or the Department of Water and Sewer’s fault. It is the direct result of trees being planted in the swale.


The good news is that if something like this happens to you or you buy a new house that has been beautifully landscaped with drainage issues, a french drain can allow you to keep the landscape and solve your drainage issues.