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Managing Roof Run-Off

I wanted to talk about why the ground can be soft and difficult to mow between houses. If there is a clay pan, like there is here, the water will not be able to dissipate. Leaving the ground to stay quite soft between houses.

Here is a big reason for this, take a look at the gutters. There are huge spaces between downspouts. There are thousands of liters of water going through these downspouts.

This is the case for both of these houses. They are sitting on a clay pan so the water is not able to dissipate into the subsoil. This area is pitched, but there isn’t quite enough. Good quality bluegrass is very thick and can prevent water from moving if there isn’t enough of a slope. We aim to grab all the water in this area so it is easier for the homeowner to maintain.

They have some privacy, so we went behind the evergreen trees. This french drain system will be maintenance-free like all of our other systems. We are going to wrap it up in the fabric and put the grass right back on top.