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4 Inch Corrugated to 4 Inch PVC HDPE Coupler


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Introducing our HDPE coupler, the best way to join any 4′′ smooth wall PVC pipe to a 4′′ corrugated pipe. Our coupler is made of HDPE, the strongest material on earth with a lifespan of up to 500 years, and is designed to last. A lifetime guarantee against cracking is offered.

In addition to being strong, HDPE is also flexible enough to support underground buried downspouts, which is essential as the ground shifts and settles over time. Additionally, our coupler requires neither PVC glue nor cement and is simple to install.

It’s as simple as coupling the PVC pipe to the coupler’s other end, sealing it with PVC tile tape, and connecting the other end to the corrugated pipe. Our HDPE coupler is also proudly made in the USA because we think it’s important to support products that are made in this country. With our HDPE coupler, you can upgrade your pipe connections and benefit from a robust, long-lasting solution.

REQUIRES A DRY FIT. When connecting, use PVC tile tape.

– Made entirely of HDPE.
– Pure virgin substance. Not repurposed.
– No blown-in fillers.
– Does not crack in the north during freeze-ups.
– Does not fracture when settling takes place underground.
– Indestructible.
– Produced in the USA.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in