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Sidewalk in the Way of Your French Drain?

There are a lot of large trees in this area. Many yards have had their elevations changed, which changed how water will drain out of them. In some spots, it is pooling and not draining out at all.


The anchoring roots of this tree were so big and thick that we had to move a piece of the sidewalk so we could get through them. Once we got through the big roots, we were able to run our stone channel through to the street.


For this lot, we are taking the water out to the curb so we have enough fall to drain the water out. We have a large channel to run the french drain through, we are lining it with the filter fabric, the pipe and stone will eventually go on top.


This channel is going to contain a lot of stone, it’s going to move water quickly.


We used a T connector here so we can get the water from where it was standing on the property and efficiently move it out before it has a chance to saturate the subsoil.