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Take Pictures Before Your French Drain Quote

When hiring a professional installer french drain, always take pictures after a heavy rain to demonstrate where the problem areas are. This way, when they come out to cite the work, it could be dry, it could be several days after the rain and the water is gone up.

When you’re trying to explain the situation, a picture is worth a thousand words in this line of work. Always take pictures to show the professional when you are getting your french drain system quoted. Here we are, this is the first image that the owner had for us. This run goes out to the street.

This is the end of the system; this image is the rear property line. We ran a french drain system the entire length of the rear property line. It was a great help to have photos. The owner in West Bloomfield was able to show us four, five images. Nothing needed to be said.

Then we got to work right on the design of the patio. The original patio held water, it is as flat as the backyard so we needed to develop a system. We’ll take five rows of bricks and remove this border brick that is keeping the water on the patio. We will gently swell the soil to the french drain.

We will empty all the water off of this patio. Return water to the house again this court is extremely flat, so we ran the pipe all the way back. There is an end cap. We will drain all the water out of there. Always take photos of problem areas after a heavy rain to show the french drain installers.