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Using Perforated Pipe for Drainage and Why It Makes Sense

You may wonder how a drainage pipe with holes would move water away from your house. To understand, you need to know the role perforated pipe plays in your drainage system.  I’m here to show you how your system works when using perforated pipe for drainage.

Why Using Perforated Pipe for Drainage Makes Sense

People ask all the time when a perforated pipe has so many holes in it, how does it hold water? Well, that’s not how drainage systems work. Basically, water finds the path of least resistance. Wherever there’s air, the water’s going to fill the void that’s creating the air.

The drainage pipe creates a giant void. The water then fills the void. When you put a drainage pipe in, you always take it to a location of discharge for it to daylight. The discharge point is where the water’s going to run out of this giant void that’s created by the drainage pipe.

Camera-Eye View of How Perforated Pipe Works

Inside Perforated Pipe for Drainage

We put a camera and LED lights together to make a really cool rig. We left it during many rain events to give you a camera-eye view of how perforated pipe works. The different rain events created situations that show the role your corrugated pipe plays in your drainage system.

The water sweats down the pipe, through all the holes and inlets, and fills the void. As it fills, just like water fills a glass from the bottom up, you can see the water rise. Under torrential rains with a lot of sheet water, you’ll see the water flooding in from all directions. That’s what’s nice about having a drainage pipe that has holes all 360 degrees around it.

Using Perforated Pipe for Drainage Allows Water to Leach Out

After the rain event, you can see that the water drains out and doesn’t leave any water behind. If your drainage system is built right, you won’t have any water left behind.

Water Fillng the Void After Torrential Rain

Now, this is the pipe during torrential rain from an orange and red cell thunderstorm event. You can see that the water comes in from the top, sides, and everywhere in the pipe. The water rises in the void and chases out all the air. Water takes the path of least resistance. This is how a drainage pipe works.

FDM’s High Octane Perforated Pipe for Yard Drainage

FDM’s High Octane Perforated Pipe for Yard Drainage

French Drain Man’s High Octane perforated pipe has superior strength above and beyond other corrugated pipes.

It’s square on the outside for strength and rounded on the inside. That is an engineered design. The water is initially is slowed down by this but it actually causes turbulence and more pounds per-square inch. You’re just not going to get that with smooth wall PVC.