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Water Management For All

The site we’re working on today has a beautiful view. Look at the rise! You would not think you’d have a water problem here. You have to manage water on almost all properties and around most houses.

It is your sump pump, if it took a day late, you must be very aware of the direction and you send the water and how you handle it. So I want to mainly shoot this video because of this elevation and the fact there is so much water moving back here we will giving it a direct path to a swampy area.

When they develop these areas, they have to level off spots where you can build a house. So when they cut the hill down, you end up with something like this. After a rain, the water moves for about a week.

With a lot of rain on the way for the next few days, we decided to come here and take care of this now. We figure this is about as dry as it’s going to be. You can see the customer put some straw down in an attempt to slow the water down and minimize erosion. The area is still pretty wet and it has been about a week and a half since the last rainfall.

We’re going to go ahead and dig a trench for a 6″ pipe before they essentially put nature scape together here with perennials, natural herbs; something easy to maintain. We will be moving a lot of water here.

This is the first area with a tabletop, we have seven feet of fall in this system which is fantastic. However, the problem is this flat area. When I went over the area with my laser transit, it was completely flat.

So when the water reaches this point, it spreads out and saturates the entire area. You can see where the lawn tractor got off the turf and sunk. We follow the path that water has already created.

This will be the best route, here is the sump. Here we will reach out and grab the water. A week ago I came here in my muck boots and dug my heel in to help the water find it’s way down into the swampy area.

And that is the path we will take, we’re also going to make a dry Crick bed out of it. This was another area of tabletop here, we got more than seven feet from falling, two areas where water just spreads out and saturates the subsoil. Thus, creating a trench and giving it a path, we’ll take care of this problem.