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What is a French Drain Field?

This house has daylight windows in the basement when I decreased the grade of the yard it left it pretty flat. The yard has been built up on three sides so there is only one way for the water to drain out; along the side of the house and out to the curb.


The french drain channel on the far right is 192 feet to the street. With 19 inches of fall, it will be no problem to drain this yard. We just need to give it a clear path with a deep stone channel.


This is a french drain field, it has four parallel pipes with a balancing tube connecting them. These four pipes will not move an equal amount of water so this balancing tube will equalize the pressure.


The whole system will be wrapped in filter fabric, it will be maintenance-free.


We put plywood down to preserve the turf that is here while we are installing the system.