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What Should You do With the Dirt from Your French Drain?

When you have a french drain installed there can be a reduction in cost if you can repurpose the dirt instead of having it disposed of. It’s expensive to haul away and remove any impurities that it may have. If you can reuse the dirt somewhere on your property or somewhere nearby you can save some money.

You can see that we have excavated a lot of dirt, over 65 yards of it. The owner is putting in a new driveway so all this dirt can be repurposed for that project instead of paying someone to bring dirt to him. It worked out well for him.

We often experience this and it saves homeowners a lot of money if they don’t have to have the dirt hauled away.

Where does all the dirt come from? We excavate instead of using a trencher so we can put more stone into the system. The more stone the system has, the better your drainage system is going to work.

We are on our third truckload of 6A natural stone, which is, of course, a course washed stone. It moves water fast and is what we think is the best to use in a french drain.