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Where The French Drain Terminates

Okay, we’re at the point where the French drain ends. You can see all the stone was a filter coated fabric, a heavy commercial rated filter cloth eight ounces. Want a roll of six feet of fabric. This way, you can go on both sides of the trench across the bottom and fold over the top of the stone. This prevents contaminants from entering the system. The French drain system entirely contained. This system requires no maintenance of any kind.

Now, downspouts, how do you set up your downspouts? You want to take a solid tube and want to go to a pop-up. You do not want to link in the main. You want to put this on top of your French drain. You want to put a lot of fabric around this pop-up and the grass that goes around.

Now, gravel or shingle sheets debris eventually detach from the roof, pop-up. They are just going to end up in the grass away from your french drain pipe. This will prevent the system maintenance, will not be able to move as much water.

You can see how do we put into our French drains. Stone is the key. More stone, over the French drain. The most substantial volume of water that you can move, the more efficient French drain.