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Why You Should Install Your French Drain Before Your Sod

We installed a french drain system here yesterday, there is sod being installed today. As you can see, the backyard sod installation is complete.


The purpose of a french drain is to relieve water issues that arise in certain circumstances. For example, this property is surrounded by higher ground, meaning the water always traveled here to drain out.


The storm drain had some pitch however the water would remain in the swale and take days to dry up. The homeowner has small children that love to run up and down these hills and play outside. They needed a french drain to drain the surface water quickly so the kids aren’t playing in the mud. We also dug around the storm drain and put a french drain system there as well.


There are hundreds of thousands of gallons that drain off of a common area at the top of this steep hill. This swale would be muddy for days after a rain, we ran a french drain there as well to combat it. The owner made a great decision in calling us in before the sod was laid. They will need to water their lawn three times a day for the next few weeks so the sod will knit together. If we had not installed this french drain system, this area would be holding standing water for the next month, and every time it rained afterward.