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Water Drainage Material Supply

Water Drainage Material Supply

As a french drain material supplier, we understand the value in protecting your home from water.

Protect your home from a damp or wet basement, standing yard water, or drainage issues when using our High Octane Blue Corrugated weeping tile. Create a safe environment for your children, pets, and guests in reducing the chance of mold, mildew, mosquitoes and other various health hazards associated with standing water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Royal Blue High Octane 8-slot 4” pipe and the Yellow Premium 8-slot pipe?
The Yellow Premium pipe has 11.5” of inlet per linear foot, it has been designed to move water quickly and efficiently. This pipe can be installed by hand or by machine.

The Royal Blue High Octane has a massive 17.25” of inlet per linear foot, it has been purpose built for home use and to be installed by hand.

Why should I use High Octane weeping tile?
Yard drains have shorter runs hence the benefit of more inlets to move the water faster to avoid standing water and possibly flooding issues.
How much water does the 4” pipe move?
The 4” pipe can move up to 240 gallons per minute of constant water flow.
How much water does the non-woven geo-textile fabric move?
The 4oz non-woven geotextile fabric can move 140 gallons per minute, per square foot when installed the French Drain Man way.
What kind of rock should I use?
We recommend that you use 1” – 2” round rock that has been screened and washed to prevent any contaminants getting into your system before you are finished creating it.
How deep should a french drain trench be and what degree slope?

The French Drain Man recommends a 14” minimum depth for the trench with a 2 degree slope to move water the fastest with the Baughman High Octane.

How are the shipping costs calculated and are there any hidden fees?

Depending on what you need and where it is being shipped to, it can cost as little as $50.

NOTE: ALL common carrier LTL shipments are quoted differently dependent on what is ordered and which carrier has the lowest price. All shipping charges are calculated and charged SEPARATELY once freight options have been agreed upon by the customer.


Tailgate Charges – We don’t automatically quote tailgate services. If you want this, you must request this before paying freight so we can check with the carrier to see if they offer it and what the additional cost would be.

Delivery Appointments – We don’t automatically quote for delivery appointments. If you want this, you must request this before paying freight so we can check with the carrier to see if they offer it and what the additional cost would be.

Where can I pick this up?

The pick up location address is in Burlington, Ontario.

Do you offer contractor pricing?
Yes, please contact us at sales@frenchdrainman.ca with details about your request.
What if I have more questions?
Please call us at 365-292-0022 or email us at sales@frenchdrainman.ca

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