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French Drain Man

Canada’s Water Drainage Material Supply

Canada’s Water Drainage Material Supply

French Drain Man Canada proudly serves as the exclusive distributor of the renowned products developed by our parent company, French Drain Man, in the United States.

Widely celebrated on YouTube, our comprehensive product line includes the highly acclaimed High Octane drainage tile, the efficient downspout cleanout, and leaf filter, among many other proprietary drainage solution products invented by the French Drain Man. 

Discover the excellence of our products and transform your drainage systems with French Drain Man Canada – your trusted source for cutting-edge, reliable drainage solutions.

Why a French Drain System?

Guarding your home like a fortress begins with fortifying it beneath the surface, ensuring enduring strength.

The repercussions of standing water are vast, spanning from persistent issues like wet basements, mold, and mildew to the hindrance of usable spaces for children and pets.

A meticulously constructed French Drain or Roof Water system serves as a formidable defense, skillfully redirecting both surface and subsurface groundwater away from your castle’s perimeter.

Invest in the longevity and well-being of your home with a properly built French Drain Man system using French Drain Man materials. 



Need Professional Help?

The French Drain Man knows a safe castle starts from BELOW the ground up.

French Drain Man will design and build a drainage system using our own proprietary products shown on FRENCH DRAIN MAN – YouTube used to build an efficient drainage systems for your project.

A proper drainage system is required to move water away from your castle as fast as possible when it rains or seasons change allowing children and pets to enjoy the outdoors as fast as possible. An efficient system can protect decks and fence posts from below grade rot, as well as keep any unwanted mosquitos nest from forming. 

Get a professional assessment for your drainage situation with French Drain Man today.



Our Top Selling Products:

8-slot 4″ High Octane Corrugated Drain Pipe 100′ Roll

Non-Woven Geotextile Filter Fabric 4oz 5′ x 100′

Downspout Clean-Out Leaf Filter 3 x 3 Fits 4 Inch Pipe

Frequently Asked Questions

Why High Octane is the best weeping tile on the market ?

High Octane has over 17 ” of inlet per linear foot of pipe. It was purpose-built for yard drains, foundation drains, crawl spaces, and all draining situations where hand built systems are created. The inlets allow up to 240 gallons of water to be moved per linear foot per minute, and with it being made from virgin plastic it doesn’t compromise the overall strength and durability of the product long term. 


Why should I use High Octane weeping tile for my yard drain system ?

Yard drain systems are typically designed to have shorter runs of pipe to collect as much water as possible over a specific area. High Octane drainage tile was built for moving water fast when coupled with the right design. 

Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitos and other bugs, as well it prevents the use of space for children and pets to play. 

How much water does the 4” pipe move ?

The 4” pipe can move up to 240 gallons of water per linear foot per minute.

How much water does the non-woven geo-textile fabric move ?

The 4oz non-woven geotextile fabric can move 140 gallons per minute, per square foot when installed the French Drain Man way.

What kind of rock should I use ?

French Drain Man recommends using 1” – 3” round rock 

What are the trench dimensions recommended by French Drain ?

French Drain Man recommends trenches be a minimum 14″ depth by 14″wide. 

How is shipping determined ?

Rolls of pipe have to be shipped on pallets requiring freight rates based on postal code, dimension of pallet, and weight.

All items except pipe can be shipped in a box with real-time shipping rates based on the address of the ship-to location.

NOTE: ALL common carrier LTL shipments are quoted differently depending on what is ordered and which carrier has the lowest price. All shipping charges are added to the original quote request based on how many rolls of pipe are required to ship. 

French Drain Man receives quotes from 10 plus common carriers to get you the best rate as we always go with the cheapest rate posted. 



Where can I pick this up ?

4 – 4161 Morris Drive , Burlington, Ontario.

How does shipping work ?

IF you have pipe in your cart there is no way a shipping price should be offered. The Pipe order requires a shipping quote which is done when you click the SHOP MATERIALS button. The message at the top says CLICK HERE and from there you fill your cart and submit the quote request with all your items. We will re-send your quote with shipping added once we know what you need and can figure out how it will need to be packaged on a pallet. All pipe orders are different in nature, therefore require a quote to get a freight rate. All items not marked SEPERATE SHIPPING REQUIRED will generate a real-time shipping rate at check out.

Do you offer contractor pricing ?

Yes, please contact us at support@frenchdrainman.ca with details about your request.

What is your Return Policy ?

All returns must be approved for return within 15 days of the purchase date.

If you are not fully satisfied with the product you received, please email the office at support@frenchdrainman.ca with the details. The request should include name, address, invoice number, and items to be returned and why.

No product(s) purchased from French Drain Man Canada shall be returned to French Drain Man Canada without the written approval of French Drain Man Canada management and proof of purchase.

In the event such approval is obtained, 20% restocking charge shall be deducted from the refunded purchase price.

No product(s) will be accepted for return that has been used and must be merchantable and immediately ready for resale. Any return of product(s) to French Drain Man shall be the sole responsibility of the Customer, at Customer’s sole cost and expense, which includes shipping.

Ship items to: 4161 Morris Drive, Unit 4, Burlington, Ontario, Canada L7L 5l5.

You should expect to receive your refund within 30 days of giving your package to the return carrier. However, in many cases, you will receive a refund sooner. 

What to do if my shipment is delivered damaged ?

In order to submit a damage claim with freight carriers, photos of the damaged shipment on the truck will be required. 

The customer will also need to have the driver make note of the damage on the bill of lading before signing to receive the shipment if you are keeping the shipment. 

The customer has the right to refuse the shipment on the basis of damaged goods and must make French Drain Man aware prior to any new shipment being sent. 

French Drain Man Canada will submit photos of pallet condition prior to being picked up for delivery AND the customer’s photos on the truck as mentioned above to the carrier for a damage claim.  

IF the customer doesn’t do this we have no recourse with the carrier for damage and the responsibility will be on the customer.  

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