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4 Inch Solid Turf Catch Basin

Connects to 4 Inch PVC


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Introducing the revolutionary, new triple patent pending design for catch basins that will make all other inline catch basins obsolete. This innovative design boasts a larger sump capacity for sediment, and a slim 5″ width to fit in a trench made with a trencher. The best part is, the slim design does not require a large hole, making installation a breeze.

The distance from inlet to outlet is greater than that of a traditional 12 x 12 catch basin, allowing for more sediment to be caught, and keeping your drain system pipe nice and clean. The top of the basin is shaped like a round 4″ drain pipe, ensuring that if your system has a 1% slope, no water will stand and freeze in the winter in the top portion of the catch basin.

Kit Includes:

  • Turf Restrictor Plate
  • 4″ solid cover
  • Sump Basin Sediment Trap


  • 100% virgin HDPE – no recycled materials
  • No blown-in fillers
  • 5-year money-back guarantee against breakage
  • Connects to SCH 40 PVC
  • Larger sump capacity for sediment
  • Slim design easily fits in drainage trench
  • No tools required

Superior Strength to Withstand Any Climate

The bottom portion (sediment trap) is designed to take freeze ups without cracking or breaking, made from 100% virgin HDPE with no blown-in fillers or recycled materials for superior strength and longevity. It is also mold injected for controlled wall thickness, and connects to SCH 40 PVC.

Pilot Holes for Optional Drilling

If the installer chooses to drill holes in the bottom of the sump pit, there are up to 6 pilot holes for easy drilling.

Easy to Clean

The sediment trap is sloped so debris doesn’t settle in the center, making sediment removal a breeze.

There are no corners, and the interior design is rounded for ease of cleaning out the sediment.

This innovative design was created by contractors, ensuring that wisdom, knowledge, and experience were incorporated into every aspect.

5-Year Money-Back Guarantee

With a 5-year money-back guarantee against breakage, you can trust in the durability and longevity of this innovative catch basin. Please note, it is not intended for vehicular traffic. Upgrade your catch basin system with this innovative design and experience the difference for yourself.