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French Drain in a Flat Backyard

The back yard is very flat, water can’t find its way out to a drain. The grass gets saturated with every rain. The grass isn’t deeply rooted and has suffered root rot and deterioration because of the saturation.


The mainline for this french drain is going to be 141 feet. When it reaches the curb, it will have about a 26-inch drop. Making this a great gravity-driven system.


We are just starting to dig this section of the french drain out by the curb. We are finished digging in the field, so I will take you over there.


We are pretty deep on this side of the house which is normal. One of the reasons that water is having trouble making its way out to the street is that there are no storm drains back here.


There are three parallel pipes in this system. We ran one behind the tree to the mainline, that’s complete. We ran one through the middle of the yard, as well as one by the sidewalk. There is a balance tube connecting all three pipes.