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NEW FDM KIT Grate Basin & Sump Pop Up CONNECTS TO 4 INCH


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Connects to 4 in. corrugated pipe.

Easiest catch basin on the market.  Hooks up in seconds. FDM provides DIYers and contractors with quick easy products making the installation process easier and more efficient.

Includes a 4″ 90 degree elbow for easy cleanout. If you need a riser, you will need a 4″ Riser.


    • 4 in Catch Basin
      • 5 in. inside diameter basin that fits easily in any trench
      • 4 in. Grate
      • Fully Assembled
    • 4 in. Pop-Up Emitter Catch Basin with Sump
      • Turf Restrictor Plate
      • Sweeping 90° with open sump pit.
      • Pop-Up Door
      • Fully Assembled
    • (2) 3’x4′ FDM Non Woven Geotextile Fabric
    • (3) 4 in Corrugated to 4 in PVC HDPE Couplers